Canabia® First legal hemp beverage of mankind

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Actualized: 28/08/2013
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The real thing since 1994
3/1996 the date that changed the world!
In 3/96 Germany allowed the use of so called EU-Hemp changing the drug laws of the country for its cultivation and its use for all pourposes "...if the commercial goal does not leads to a missuse as a narcotic."
More than 1.500 hectares were sawn in May 1996 in Germany...
dupetit Natural Products supported more than 50 farmers in Germany  in their trials with the "new" crop that first year.
Nowadays in Europe, fibre hemp is grown due to its incredible properties for quite all well known possible applications going from paper pulp to building material for houses (still mostly in France).
Hemp seeds contain all essential aminoacids,  blood identical proteines and over 80% of Omega-3-acids in its oil (!)
Industrial hemp farmers get a subvention today in all EU countries of nearly € 500.-/ha ....

Back to 3/96...
dupetit Natural Products was already working on hemp, and hemp aroma for its food, sweets and perfume as well as the organic cosmetic line... and we liked beer ...
so why not to try how hemp tastes as a substitute of hops ? Why not to convince an organic brewer to to brew a "hemp beer" in a traditionally brewing way, an organic and pure hemp beer... with Bavarian spring water and organic hemp ? Perhaps...with some luck...
Some months later...

Working closely with four traditional and respected brewers until December 1996 , we looked into what where the very best hand-harvested organic grown hemp to use.
The first 25 kg. of austrian  hemp, which grown was already legal here, were sent with the post from Austriain march 96 to Richelbach in Germany, the main office of dupetit Natural Products.
It was a risky action because at that time nobody was officially informed about the legality of this new kinds of hemp in Europe... and we expected the parcels
to be delivered through the police!
The parcels arrived safely some days later in Richelbach...
Finishing the idea:

Cannabia® then sought out one of the country's great master-brewers, who also had an understanding and respect for the concept of traditional, organic brewing, as well as the technical expertise to deliver a high-quality organic product for a good price.
Together with dupetit Natural Products he carefully crafted the idea into the finished recipe by adding to our organic German hemp this experience and knowledge, as well his organic malt, hops and yeast giving Cannabía® its unique taste.
Over four hundred years his Brewer-Family has been associated with only the finest quality organic beers in its region, and is one of the few breweries in the world that it is organic controlled after the EU law for organic farming.
Hemp in beverages & the German Purity guideline from 1516:
Historically, the use of hemp (among other plants) in brewing beer was a mean to create new tastes and conservation at the same time.  It was a common practice throughout Europe and rest of the world until 1516, when the so-called "beer purity law" appeared in Germany. Since then the use of Cannabis in beer was until 1996 outlawed !
This law came to protect the Catholic Church in their beer business in Germany.
After the same King has given to the Church the monopoly to grow hops -some years before the Purity Law came into power-, farmers and non catholic beer brewers begun using other substitute plants to make beer as for instance hemp; (another cannabaceae like hops and nettle), and species, bitter berries, etc.
People have being always very creative avoiding rules to make whatever they ever wanted while brewing alcoholic drinks and other drugs.
Since then hemp or any other plant out of barley or hops were forbidden for brewing beer in Germany. During the 60´s was in Germany also hemp forbidden in food...
Where do the cannabis  seeds for legal grown come from?
The allowed EU- cannabis seed kinds come today from different countries like:  Italy (Carmagnola, etc.), Poland (Bialobzerskie, Beniko), Germany & Ukraine (USO), France (Felina, Fedora, Futura, Ferimon, etc.), Hungary (Kompolti), etc.
The production of Cannabía® was authorized first 1996 (480 years after the German Purity Law came into force!)  in Germany by the Berliner Health authorities.
In the meantime many countries have authorized the circulation of Cannabia® as for example: England, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Greece, Poland, Cyprus, Bulgaria, and recently: Yugoslavia (actually Serbia & Montenegro), Japan and South Korea
In Greece, the French (!) state intervened 1997 following the prohibition until 4/01. From that date, after many trials in that country, we have the definitive permission for the whole EU for what we congratulate  Kannabisshop,  Greece and thank also everybody in the EU in Brussels and of course in the
French Republic and its Ministry of Industry,  for the " great" help!
In Switzerland as well as in Germany is the production of food and drinks with a contents of THC lower than 0,005% allowed.
Since in Japan, for the Shinto-Religion, Cannabis Sativa L. is the holliest plant, now the Japaneese beer lovers finally may drink maybe the most balanced and perfect drink in the world for what we have become the circulation permit in that country.
Cannabia® first legal hemp drink is harmonized with the holly hemp plant!.
And this is what really hemp does in beer: it harmonizes it!
In few years from now, many beers in the world will content hemp, or will be brewed exclusivelly with hemp and no hops, we guess...
Cannabía® is accepted as the newest and interesting drink, not only by young people, but also by beer knowers and fans of new old tastes...
Cannabia® is produced now also as an alcohol free beverage too!

The real story of Cannabia® and more...

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